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"Hyper Cock" art blog
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Anybody know a good art blog that predominately contains "hyper cock' art? Please share if you do. Thanks.:-)

Star Wars the Force Awakens!!
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sex pic
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This is a great pic, but everytime I see it I think of farm animals.

Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 2
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-I own the night. Through death, I give the gift of immortality. I am the lord of lust and desire. Soon, all will come to fear the name of Eric the Impaler-

[Brasov, Romania]

[Somewhere inside Bran Castle]

[An eerie calm permeates a large room, illuminated only by flickering candlelight. Several black marble pillars can be seen circling a central location within the room. Hanging from each pillar is a deep, red tapestry on which can be seen images of a large, dominating dragon. Each tapestry is different in its appearance, but each tells a similar story.]

[In the center of the room is a large, black marble table, shrouded in a deep red cloth. Around the table are several large, burning candles. The room appears to be almost ritualistic in its nature.]

[Atop the marble table lies Cooper's body, dressed in clothing of pure black. He is clean and pale, and appears to be in a deep sleep. His arms have been crossed and carefully placed over his chest.]

[The room is as silent as a tomb as a dark, black mist begins to creep into the room. The mist increases in volume as it slowly begins to surround Cooper's body. The mist begins to twist and turn as if disturbed by unseen movement from within. From those disturbances in the mist can be heard dark, ominous whispers.]

(From the right) [Whisper] - Cooo-perrr...

(From the right) [Whisper] - Cooo-perrr...

(From the left) [Whisper] - Heee's usssing yooou...

(From the Right) [Whisper] - Run awaaay Cooo-perrr...

(From overhead) [Whisper] - Leaaave this plaaace...

(From the left) [Whisper] - He is selfisssh in his desires and seeksss only to possess all thossse he lays his eyesss upon...

[The whispers in the mist suddenly turn to soft, echoing laughter as they begin to move about the room in a playful manner.]

[Suddenly, and without warning, the room's heavy, oak door suddenly slams open as Eric bursts into the room. He is dressed from head to toe in a lavish, black outfit. Covering the back of the outfit is a large, dominating dragon.]

(Loud, commanding voice) [Eric] - He is mine!!! Leave this place at once!!!

[Cooper's eyes suddenly open wide; a look of startled bewilderment on his face. His body jerks as he arches his back and takes in a deep breath as if breathing for the first time in his life. The whispers in the mist suddenly speak as if in terror.]

(From the right) [Voice] - Forgive us master! We seek only to counsel him!

[Eric reaches out with both hands and suddenly thrusts his arms backwards as if to motion for the mist to leave the room.]

(Loud, commanding voice) [Eric] - You seek only to poison him with your lies!!!

[The mist suddenly begins to flee the room, moving past Eric as he stands and stares angrily at the far wall; a look of deadly determination on his face.]

(From the rear) [Voice] - Forgive us master! We will leave this place at once!

[Eric suddenly whips around towards his left and thrusts his hand out towards the heavy, oak door. As if by magic, the door suddenly slams shut as the last of the mist quickly leaves the room. Eric turns back towards Cooper and quickly walks towards the marble table. Eric reaches down with his right hand and grasps Cooper's neck, angrily pulling him up into a sitting position. Cooper begins to choke slightly as he stares ahead at nothing. Cooper's eyes are wide and a look of terror can be seen on his face.]

(Calm, commanding voice) [Eric] - In death, you have found life! In me, you have found a new beginning! Who you once were is no more! Your place is here! Your life belongs to me! Listen not to the lies of the unfaithful, but obey the words of the Dragon!

[Eric forcefully pushes Cooper, forcing him to lie on his back once again. Cooper begins to cough as he tries to catch his breath. Eric slowly takes a couple of steps back away from the marble table as he calmly watches Cooper.]

[Cooper calms his breathing and reaches up to wipe the sweat from his brow. He slowly but cautiously sits up, his gaze coming to rest on Eric. Eric continues to watch Cooper with an expressionless face.]

(Cautious voice) [Cooper] - You... I remember you... You attacked me in my home. What have you done to me? Why have you brought me here?

[Eric continues to calmly watch Cooper. After a brief moment, Eric slowly turns around; his back facing Cooper. Cooper notices the dragon on the back of Eric's coat. It's the same dragon that is depicted on the tapestries. Eric quietly reaches out and gently places his right hand on the nearest tapestry. He begins to speak as he slowly draws his hand downwards, contemplating the images before him.]

(Calm, quiet voice) [Eric] - Do you dream...?

[Cooper remains silent as he continues to watch Eric; his eyes periodically drawn to the dragon emblem on Eric's coat. Eric removes his hand from the tapestry. He then places both hands behind his back; his right hand held by his left hand as he continues to stare at the deep, red imagery before him.]

(Calm, quiet voice) [Eric] - Dreams are a vision... A vision of what was...and what may be... Dreams are images of our darkest and deepest desires... Dreams enable us to see ourselves for what we truly are...

(Small, cautious voice) [Cooper]- And what are you...? What have your dreams revealed about you?

[Eric slowly turns; his gaze coming to rest on Cooper. Eric unclasps his hands and begins to walk slowly towards Cooper; a look of satisfied finality on his face. Cooper's eyes go wide as he slowly backs away from Eric towards the edge of the marble table. Every candle in the room is suddenly extinguised, plunging the room into total darkness. Cooper's last images are of Eric walking towards him...]

To be continued...

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I buy a pack of briefs every once in a while. Not because they are comfortable to wear (who enjoys having exposed thighs on a cold day, and having your balls strapped in position LOL) I buy them, because when I am home alone, I take all my clothes off and put on a pair of brand new, white or cartoon briefs, and look at myself in the mirror (Damn...I am one good looking hairless smooth looking young man...only if I could fuck myself) Gives me a warm sensation like being a little kid again, and that sensation makes me extremely horny!

I am etremely weird and I love that! But if you met me in person, you would think of me as a shy quiete guy. I do not like being attached to labels such as "weird" or "gay" (for the rest of my life) ... I am not ashamed of being a homosexual, I just dont feel comfortable being scrutinized and critcized and labeling myself with terms that have negative conotations. When young and introvert...the outside world looks like a terrifying place!


Do You Know It When You See It?
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So, I had an interesting conversation with a friend who shall remain nameless regarding the subject of nudity, youth, and pornography, and was simply curious what the general consensus might be.Given the nature of this site, the opinions may be biased in a certain way, so it's certainly not going to be a scientific sample.The question regards the difference between pornography and art (if there is one) in both photography and other mediums. Art has a long history (I won't bore anyone with a lenghty primer here) of celebrating youth and beauty, from the Warren cup in the British museum that celebrates the relationship between a man and his "eromenos," to the photography of Wilhelm von Gloeden (a sample of which is included below this entry.) Now, given the nature of GBT and what it is, it is certainly understandable that certain types of material should be banned and not allowed. However, where do you feel the line should be drawn? Simply because photography or art involves nudity of someone who might be under current age of consent laws in some area of the world, does that automatically make it disgusting and subject to prosecution? What about something that might be considered "lewd" but involves no nudity? What about cartoon depictions of very young looking individuals? These are all hypothetical scenarious offered to pose a point. Do you "know pornography when you see it?" as did Justice Potter with his "threshold test for obscenity?" Thanks in advance for anyone brave enough to answer.

Thanks everyone who enjoyed and gave such great feedback on my first mash up video! This is one is different, which is why I can share it more easily as an unlisted youtube video, although, haha, not sure how long it will last there because of the copyright issue on music. Feel free to like, dislike or comment on youtube whether you enjoy it or not. All feedback welcome. A note on audio. The 1st soundtrack song is an older one, with not the best audio. The 2nd and 3rd songs play at a louder volume with much better audio because they are newer and are mastered more clearly. The mash up is at.....

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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where are you chris, I miss you as well as your other friends on here, take care, scottish hugs, scott

Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's

happy thanksgiving when it comes guys
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missing you
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LilB hopefully you will be back one day, missing you alot, scott

At home in England.
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At home in England. Bored and horny.

My boyhood
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I am a bisexual, occasionate crossdresser and passionate nudist from Zadar, Croatia. I have a lot of experience with both men and women. I adore nudist beaches, fucking mature tourist wifes in front of their husbands, sometimes I get involved in sex with both spouses if they are bisex and into it.

As much as I love mature lovers, I also adore very young, cute and smooth twinks and feminine boys, although unfortunatelly I've never been with one yet. I fantasize about a long and deep relationship with a cute very young sexy crossdresser femboi while at the same time preferably having an affair with his mother or older s****r.

I myself have a 10 years older s****r who attracted me strongly sexually while I was in my tender teen age. At one time she broke with her boyfriend and came back to live with me and my parents in our parents flat. She sl**ped in my room for more than 10 months. Imagine my sufferings (I was 16 then) having a true sex bomb in my room every night! She often dressed openly highly sexual in see-through mini-skirts, dresses, yoga pants, lacy thongs, fine black stockings and hold-ups under her skirts or even jeans trousers... I regularly smelled and tasted her panties and especially her nylon stockings after she took them off in dirty laundry. I remember I used to search for her pussy pubes that possibly remained in her panties. When I found them I sucked them vigorously and bite them with my teeth By the state of her panties I knew if she got fucked the previous night. One time I planned the whole thing - that night we were alone at home, I lured her into drinking a glass or two and then I dissolved two sl**ping pills in her drink. When she finally fell sound asl**p I examined her whole body starting from her soft soles, feet and painted toes upwards to her heavenly pussy and smoothly shaved asshole. I sucked it for an hour while jerking off...
One time I spied on her fucking doggy style with her then-boyfriend in our room after one new years eve party. mmmm

My first experience with a man was during that same period as well. He was my math tutor (I was always bad math), I was 16 or 17, he was in his early fifties. We used to meet in his house once or twice a week always having a superb sex. He used to shave me off totally, my dick, balls, ass, even my legs and arms, and then he would fuck me like a baby doll. I loved it so much! He had a beautiful dick and treated me like the handsomest girls from my class were handled by their older boyfriends (or at least I imagined them to be handled that way). Several times I would come over to his house with my s****rs thongs and nylon stockings underneath my trousers. I adored getting thouroughly fucked by him while I was dressed like that, like a little s****r-whore.

I wanted him to get to fuck my s****r as well, and of course so did he, but unfortunatelly she didn't fall on his charms that were combined with my spy informations about her (where she was at the certain moment, what she liked or didn't like on guys...) It would be a real treat to suck his cock after she had been fucked by him and went home.

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as a brit i have no knowledge of thanksgiving why is it important what do you eat how do you spend the day just wondering - giles

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Billy I love you with all my heart

which is a bigger turn on
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young virgin no experience or young experienced boy

Happy Thanksgiving
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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends
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And Happy Thursday to my friends elsewhere!

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I just read online that there are people who set up jerkoff parties.

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i made this drew up the plan on a scrape of paper - i planted the trees 7yrs ago dug the soil the weeds are still in control - just saying no appreciation for hard work - things take time - still ive seen the results - giles he ho loop de lar

Happy Thanksgiving, EVERYONE!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day
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I realize that this Thursday is the U.S. version of Thanksgiving Day, and that many countries do not have a similar non-religious holiday like it. But, I still want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day wherever you might be.

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who likes art, reading and walking, or other hobbies

We will be testing a new auto listing feature tonight and maybe a bit in the morning this is intended as a back-up and when I am sleeping to make sure the site now updates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from this point on :) and Maybe to give me a few more 1/2 days to work on improving community features and the sites lay-outs. I am sure their will be questions down the road about this, but do hope it will improves everyone's enjoyment of the site. Thank YOu

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Every single day that I do not masterbate, I get precum--even without having played with it.

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Wishing you all a sweet and happy Day

Losing Virginity
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If or when I lose my virginity, will my anus go back to its normal size--as tight and closed as I have it now, or will it stay as wide as the penis that may penetrate me?


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