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I want to wish everyone here a happy new year and thank all my friends here for helping to make last year fantastic for me. Hope this year is just as good for me and for everyone here x

TV series...Queer as Folk UK
Views: 171 · Added: 536 days ago

did any of you guys watch it? if so what did you think of Nathan..played by Charlie Hunnam...a real blond cutie boy!!!
See it on you-tube if you missed the series..

Views: 513 · Added: 296 days ago

Can any1 please tell what is Age: 112? Bcoz sum pple write age:112 or 114 etc. . etc, bt i don't understand what this means,m confused.

Views: 146 · Added: 475 days ago

Have fun tonite my friends and if you plan to get laid.Best of British Luck,
and hope you wake with a Huge smile in the morning xoxo CHEERS as us Kiwis say 8-)

Blogs 2013
Views: 248 · Added: 115 days ago

Well who wrote the best blogs in 2013 not about sex but interesting things or good storys who would you pick.Mabe some thing inspiring that picks out from the rest think about it please

time to say goodbye!
Views: 272 · Added: 449 days ago

Hello my dear friends!
for me it is time to move on! I will leave the community of GBT!
I thank all my friends for their friendship and kindness!
Thanks also to nick! GBT is a great website! I think the best!
I will delete at the end of the week, sator1!
ensures please toby11467! I will miss you all!
big hug, simon!

cum freaks
Views: 356 · Added: 390 days ago

my bf is still asleep so im watchin porn and getting ready for how wake up. dudes, i freakin luv cum. i want to eat it, lick it, take it in my face, anyway possible. i luv to cum deep inside him, but im torn because i want to blast it all over his stomach and chest, or his cock and pubes, or on his ass...and then lick every drop. and thats just my load. i luv it when he cums on himself so i can do the same for him, but often he cums on me or in me and i cant get to it. does anyone else have the same fetish for cum? my fantasy is to have 5 or 6 guys all jo in my face. ive seen it in porn and i jo to it everytime. to wake the bf...

about gay or straight
Views: 344 · Added: 431 days ago

to be gay or not to be?

Its Johnnyboy20012's birthday!!!!
Views: 201 · Added: 394 days ago

My beautiful new friend is having a birthday on Monday! 29 years young and looking sexxeh. He wants to spank MY bare bottom 29 times! Is that the way it works here??

Everyone please wish him a happy day!


Views: 4308 · Added: 1001 days ago

Hi mates!
Do you love cam 2 cam on skype?
Then send me your skype name...I'd love u cam with u!

What Should the Title of your Autobiography Be?
Views: 221 · Added: 424 days ago


A) Dial M for Manhood.


B) I know why the jailed bi sings.

<3u all vm! J-

Looking for a video
Views: 509 · Added: 391 days ago

Found it on here, but have since lost it.

Three boys finds a 4th unconscious or sleeping boy. They proceed to mess around with him eventually having sex. The boys break off into 2 groups. One group stays inside and the other goes outside. This all takes place in an abandoned warehouse or factory of sorts.

Help me find this video!

My cock
Views: 165 · Added: 14 days ago

My cock

I just wanted to show u my cock

Views: 345 · Added: 503 days ago


hate email
Views: 270 · Added: 504 days ago

has anybody else got any email from some idiot named wayne1968

out of the blue some idiot named wwayne1968 wrote me so wondering if anybody else got something from this idiot

story to long for blog
Views: 341 · Added: 718 days ago

It has been brought to my attention that my story about high is to long for some here on the blog. I thought would just share a part of my youth with guys on GBT. If anyone is interested in the last two chapters just let me know and I will email them to you. It was never a thought to post to long a blog on this site and did not know there were restrictions. Sorry to offend anyone who thought I was excessive.

how long ago?
Views: 516 · Added: 418 days ago

How long ago was it that u busted a good nut?
Were u alone or wirh someone?
How many tiws a day do u?

My own personal webpage
Views: 419 · Added: 227 days ago

am I allowed to post the link to my own webpage I built it all myself im dead proud and dying to show it off so can I post the link here (I don't want banning)

Favorite 80s movie ?
Views: 126 · Added: 3 days ago

The Outsiders

Ipad and this site
Views: 632 · Added: 525 days ago

beginning several days ago, no clips/vids found here will play on my ipad. No viewing problem with my clunker obsolete seven year old mac. Suggestions? The FAQ
tab, when clicked, reveals a 401 error.

No one has been replied me
Views: 342 · Added: 497 days ago

Why hasn't anyone been replied me? What did I do? I just wonder.

Views: 967 · Added: 1039 days ago

Hey there

Has anyone else been getting nonsensical politically based messages from "riley123" lately? as I've had several from this guy, and it's starting to get real old.

hey all i'm back
Views: 204 · Added: 185 days ago

hey i have not been on here for a while because i have been doing so much over time at work but anyway

i have a boyfriend who majorly obsessed about me, always wants to have sex with me and do anything to make sure we spend our whole lifes together but i don't feel the same way because we have only been going out for about a month and my question is does he seem like a stalker or something like that?

Views: 201 · Added: 21 days ago

so i notice that the thickness and width of the penis are not nearly mentioned as much as length. no fair! so does your manhood vary in width and thickness or stay the same clear down to the base? mine tapers to a narrower base and appears much thicker out near the rim of my head. my partner, bless him for letting me describe his privates, is the same thickness all the way to the base. i would imagine there might be some differences in anal ring stimulation from the various dimensions of the penis, and not just length.

Views: 696 · Added: 714 days ago

I am tempted to join "BoyCrush" but I must be absolutely certain that it is private. I don't want anything showing up in my postal mailbox. Can anyone give me some experiences they have had with pay sites? Thanks

Why Aren't Alot Of My Video's Appearing?
Views: 281 · Added: 256 days ago

So I've Posted Several Video's Over The Last 3 Days Only 4 of Them Have Appeared Can Any One Give Me Some Insight As Too Why?

Views: 170 · Added: 227 days ago

well no one discussed my post yesterday, so i will try again today. do you agree morning blowjobs are the best? we just woke up and orally pleasured each other and enjoyed strong orgasms. now it is off to my weekly run. do any of you guys jog or run for fun? to stay in shape? running right after sex is energizing. try jacking off right before you go! my tip for the dayQ

Getting first physical....
Views: 545 · Added: 531 days ago

I have to go to get my first physical and they are supposed to touch my balls lol.... Im worrieed that I'll get hard in front of everyone, since just being naked makes me erect... What should I do ? Has this happend to you ?

guys voice can be a huge turn on..
Views: 231 · Added: 427 days ago

part of what make a guy sexy is his voice..i'm gotten a boner listening to a cute guy with "that" example of such a guy is ,,jimmy smith,,of the ravens football team..this is a u-tube vid of him in his last year of college before comming to the ravens..i feel he is a sexy mofo guy watch and tell me something......

Have you ever accidentally ejaculated...especially in front of someone or in public?

More Than Friends
Views: 749 · Added: 1038 days ago

So basically I really want to try some stuff with my best friend. He's blonde, skinny, very great looking with green eyes and about 5"8 height. But I don't know if it's a good idea going down that road.

We were very close to masturbating and making out when we were about 16 or so, we'd just mess around dry humping each other and simulate masturbating each other by doing the motion with our jeans or shorts on an lightly tapping. but we haven't seen each other for a very long time (20 and 18) so now and we're definitely not as close as before but slowly getting that way, but he is very straight, and what I mean by very straight is that he passes the terms gay and faggot around a bit.

I don't want to spoil our friendship by making stupid advances, but how could I subtly go in the direction of getting him horny to that point?

Dennis Birthday
Views: 183 · Added: 327 days ago

On May 30th is the birthday of Dennis (Phallussy). A Caring, sweet and a great friend. Although lately he is off the site, if you are a friend, stop by and wish him Happy Birthday. Dennis we love you and we hope you will return soon.

what is the kinkiest thing u have ever done
Views: 580 · Added: 677 days ago

i have had a threesome where a guy dribbled chocolate sause on me then liked it off, light spanking what is the kinkiest you have done

I'm back!
Views: 283 · Added: 592 days ago

My father passed on the 20th of last month. I’ve been offline nursing him and in grieving for my family’s loss. Plus as his heir I’ve had other responsibilities. I appreciate all the support I’ve received from my friends here and offline.
That said, I’m back ;)

Views: 233 · Added: 224 days ago

Has anyone ever spewed after jerking off? I'm just bored and curious. Hahaha.

My Giggle For Today
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