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Ever have a Forbidden Love?
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Old timers appreciated here?
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New to the site. Somewhat saddened by the many comments by the young guys who don't want anything to do with older guys. Remember, we were once your age. Anyway, I hope to enjoy conversations and trading with those of you who can see me as a viable sexy person and not just some old fart. I can still "handle" my hard woodie.

Still long and strong at 62.

Vegan , Fruitarian ,Vegetarian , Raw Vegan
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Anyone else adapt one of these lifestyles , and why :o

Black guys :)
Views: 721 · Added: 836 days ago

They make me so horny <3

what is sexy to you?
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So I have this theory about what different people think is sexy, here it is. Top guys are more interested in how a guy looks than bottom guys are. Top guys care about if a guy is a certain body type or age or smooth or whatever. Bottom guys don't care as much about looks, they care more about how a guy acts, like if he is confident or dominant or whatever.
Yea i know thats a total over generalization, but just from what guys here have said and what Ive seen on this site i think maybe its true. Does anybody agree or disagree, im just wondering?

You're new here?
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wood u?
Views: 354 · Added: 787 days ago

would you like your lover to be more attractive and smarter than you?

Me and my best friend
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iv had the best few days of my life. the last 2 days sleeping in bed naked with my best friend hugging each other and trying to be as discret as possible so his mom and family dont find out. sucking each other off every hour and kissing each other. its the same as before we came out to each other but just with alot more sex and stuff now :) But my heaart is kinda broken....we were out with our friends today hanging out by the beach when he started meeting (kissing) a girl infront of me and my friends,im heart broke. the whole time whilst he was meeting her he was staring at me into my eyes. he could tell by the look on my face that i was really upset at him doing this and i could tell that he was upset by doing it aswell. but i kept a smile on my face infronnt of my friends. what should i do? im so confused aagghhhhh

Completely Hairless Boy
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I have an enormous amount of lust for young looking smooth boys, with no pubic hair other than maybe a few sparce hairs around their penis. Why I have such desires beats me. I enjoy watching young twinks fucking each other or young teens fucking older men.

Does anybody else in their 20's want to completely remove all their pubic hair (wax, shave, lazer) just to look and feel like a prepubescent teen again?

Favourite tops/bottoms?
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My fav bottoms are jack roys, sammy case and jesse starr. Fav tops are elijah wood and mike from cumintomyass. And versatile would b brent corrigan.
Who makes u shoot?

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i know visuals are hawt to watch, but me, i want it all in my mouth. if by chance i do miss some, or it dribbles out the sides of my mouth, i lick it up, i've never had a gusher, but i would try it once. who really wants it in the eyes and up their nose? it burns like hell! hi, my name is jase, and i'm a cocksucker. and i'm damm good at what i do!


And it´s really phantastic & amazing that some profiles here are very wonderful new created...But is it needed for this TAKiNG JUSTiN BiEBER-pics as PROFiLE-PiCS ?!
(outside the question just BEiNG YOURSELF & just SHOWiNG YA iNDiViDUAL iDENtITY)

JB is a real friend at my YOUTUBE-account.And might be that he is Bisexuell (in my opionion everyone is like that...)it´s easy to understand also without Bigger IQ that noone would like finding his personal pictures in a strange porno-profile!!

The Background-story of JB is that he was Bullyied in earlier school-time because meant to feel that he is not like the most others!And his first own YOUTUBE-vids who he uploaded his first tryings for singing live he got many bad critism at the beginning in his first singer-selfpromotions!And JUSTiN never forget what Bullying mean & not Being really accepted!So he is very sensibel about this themes & questions for & at all!So for him is nothing special having also gay friends even HE iS NOT GAY HiMSELF because in the music-buisiness it´s normal to find many gays there.And hand in hand with Stefanie (Lady GaGa) he is standing for being against any kind of Bullying but especially in schools!And actually he is not being loved by all. So also many Anti-JB-Groups are active against him!And also some telling the big fairytale that HE IS GAY(?!?)...and he dancing gay and his voice is gay etc.

SO - why do I try making some here more sensibel for THAT WE ARE RESPONSiBiLE FOR OUR PUBLiC GAY ACTiNG...Fun stopping there where a other person could come in trouble with & through the RESPECTLESS DOiNG - and what some GBT-User do is not to accept & could become a Bigger problem not only for them...because the owner of this great gay-website is at least responsible what happens here...But I think that we all as an GBT-user we are part of GBT and it must to be clear to & for us THAT MANY PEOPLE FROM OUTSiDE LOOKING EVERYDAY FROM EVERYWHERE TO THE GBT-WEBSiTE!...!!!

So hoping that the GBT-user are able to understand that´s no Fun for JUSTiN misusing his person here AND THAT THiS USER DELETE-D HiS PiCS & AS REAL JB-Fans they put some fav-photos in photo-albums if NiCK will accept!
But if this persons further thinking that´s Fun having JB-pics as profile-pics here official gay-account that will become a very expensive `Fun´ because ofcourse GBT have to give the ID-Numbers to the advocates!

So `A17´ & `BB96´ etc. - still having the choise...and GBT theirself not waiting too long - THAT´S NO JOKiNG & FUN ANYMORE - NiCK GO AHEAD!

guys with smaller or avg cocks
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heyy- im looking to talk to guys that have smaller or avg cocks and cut is even hawter- msg me :)

iam new to the site
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i maybe a bumb blonde here but how do you edit your profile on here....i am really looking forward to making some good friends on name is John, but my friends call me Johnny, I am 23 years of age and I live in NY and I am trying to make some new friends online...I been on here viewing the posts and seeing what a great support site this is...I am bi and I guess you can say I like both sides of the coin...So if anyone could help me out that would be awesome and hope to hear from some of you ---Johnny =)

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truck driver going down the interstate sees a billboard BEER AND BROADS NEXT EXIT so he pulls in goes to the bar orders a beer gives the bartender a 20 gets 19 change.he ask the bar keep wheres the girls? barkeep says upstairs and knock on the he does.. knocks on the door and a beautiful black girl answers he says bartender sent me se said it will be $20.00 he said i only have $19. she said no. he goes to the next door and a beautiful blonde polish answers says 20.00 he said i only have 19 she said ok......ten years later he goes to the same bar ...walks in and asked the bartender do you remember me? bartender says we have been looking all over for you....why he asked. see that boy over there thats your son.he walks up to him they hug and the ask whats my last name? he said pulaski...the boy said you mean im a polock? the father said for another dollar you could have been a nigger.

Your ideas?
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Topic: Envy, Jealousy and Hate
Views: 152 · Added: 178 days ago

Why do I envy the people I know? Shouldn't I feel happy for them? For an odd reason I am filled with anger, jealousy, and hate. Possibly because it seems that their dreams are becoming a reality and mine are not. I loath being greedy and yet it is a part of myself I can not control. Confusion,depression, and jealousy currently overwhelms me. There are times when it feels like my life will never amount to anything.

I know this is a strange place to seek advice, but I love anonymous responces because it makes me feel like the person responding is truly being genuine. Here on this site we have the freedom to be our trueself, because here there is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all here because we share an interest, and it doesnt matter who we are or where we come from... we live on the same earth, breath the same polluted air. Im just seeking a few comforting comments. Thank you.

The death of a father
Views: 259 · Added: 874 days ago

My father was 76 years old and not in the best of health. However, nothing prepared family members for his sudden death on Sunday the 27th.

He died in his sleep without pain or discomfort from a Cardiovascular Event.

I could not have wished for a better end to a man who was not only my father but a very good friend also. He accepted my sexuality but never spoke of it.

I miss him already.

i need a cock
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Latino guys and cum
Views: 245 · Added: 662 days ago

I've started getting into Latino porn as and I just fucking love how much cum there is. They almost always cum in each others face before they start fucking and then cum inside the guy or another facial after its so hot. I want to know are most Latino guys like this as I would just love a guy who could cum over me that many times :p

what would you do?
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one a hot summer afternoon, while walking thru a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. what would you do?

What do you prefer?
Views: 285 · Added: 484 days ago

Safe sex or bareback? Personally safe is the way to go unless you are in a relationship with a partner that you trust. Even jacking off I use a condom(easier to clean up :P)

HRH Prince William
Views: 187 · Added: 688 days ago

a baby is on the way..just been anounced on the BBC...the child when born will be 3rd in line to the throne no matter if it's a boy or girl

Views: 343 · Added: 720 days ago

Was at work at the dairy/convenience store this afternoon and across the street at the bus shelter were two young guys. They don't go to my school but i seen them around and one of them is relly cute and was wearing pink shorts.

They were thre for about 3 hours - not waiting for a bus - and were sitting with their legs up on the seat facing each other, so there legs were intertwinned and talking and talking with each other.

2 boys, pink shorts, legs intertwned, obviously not waiting for the bus, 3 hours - what would u think? :P

The shop was sooooo busy so it was ages until i was able to take a break - i went across to these guys and said to the cute one wearing PINK SHORTS how cute and yummy he looks (as ya do) and he should ditch his mate, wait round till i finish at 8pm then come back to my house for Jack Daniels and sex. As ya do.

Anyway turns out he is straight! told his bitch mother and she comes into the shop going bersek! calling me evry name under the sun - and how the shop has a 'reputation' and my boss shuld not let me spend my time crusing.

The way she carried on yu would thik i had only done it to piss her off!

Anyway - what do you think? a teenage boy wearing pink shorts - would u have asumed he was gay to?

New Categories Added
Views: 589 · Added: 1010 days ago

I just wanted to let everyone know we added a few new categories Short Films,
Solo, Vintage, and Huge Cocks and if you guys would like any others I might have another 2 we can add soon. Thax

Dick size
Views: 439 · Added: 414 days ago

I have been wanting a bigger dick since i was 15. I realized or came to the thought that I was small in that area. Im not saying I want a monster dick but maybe 6-6.5 inches. Preferably 6. I am 5.5 inches. Is that small?

happy new year
Views: 173 · Added: 660 days ago

hey's hopein you have your best year yet..i'm plannin to..i have had fun here in 2012..thanks everybody for all the great vids, pics, and, mike

How to tell You Parents U R GAY....
Views: 747 · Added: 1134 days ago

Here the problem..My dad is A Correctional Officer he come home from work and talk about The faggots in Pison. He says that two Men being together is sick... I think he is Homophobic. What to do???

Views: 524 · Added: 1138 days ago

just a warning about a message I just received from the above person wanting money and asking for bank details this is obviously a scam but I thought I would draw your attention to it

Views: 185 · Added: 152 days ago

Internet Abuse

The sound of his beating heart
Views: 261 · Added: 577 days ago

We lie naked, our bodies together. I caress his beautiful face and place my head on his chest. As I stroke his lips, that sound I hear is magnificent - it is the history of his essence. It is the joy his mother felt while she held him to her breast. It is the pride his father had when he hit the ball. Its the patience he showed in challenging situations, and the grace demonstrated in the face of adversity. Its the honesty and charity he displays to complete strangers on a daily basis. As I listen, I find myself enveloped by it, ensnarled and cocooned naked and helpless among its many palms and lashings. Before I can panic, I recall that this is the man of my dreams, the one for whom my inner most vulnerabilities are on display. I offer myself in submission, for I know he is kind and gentle. I have heard his heart. I have nothing to fear.

1 Year Anniversary Today
Views: 168 · Added: 447 days ago

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here at GBT. Today is my one year Anniversary and had many ups and downs over the last year and every single one of you guys helped me through out it all the good and bad times.

I am glad to talk to all of my good friends and still willing to meet new people. Well just wanted to give everyone here a big hug and will enjoy talking to everyone for years to come.

Submitters Appreciation
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I just wanted to take a moment to tank all the submitters and make sure they know how much we all really appreciate them. They truly are the heart and soul of this site and always have been. I have seen a few having issues getting videos listed, if we could just watch out for Watermarks I believe 95% of all vids should be listed with-in hours. Just so many problem with sites that will Spam up with watermarked content trying to promote what every site or program they want to target I have to limit this. I do apologies for this, but its what keeps up the quality of content we have come to expect, and keeps the Spammers from taking over

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i can't stand the emotionless orgasms most boys have in porn. no expression on their face, no contractions, just a few squirts or flow of cum. so tell you curl your toes, stiffen your back, close your eyes, throw your head back, arch your back, thrust your hips...or just what does your body go through leading up to that moment of no return?

Sex Toys?
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Have you ever used a sex toy of some kind while you were jerking off? (Dildo, "fleshlight", something homemade?)
Or with someone else?
Or had it used on you?
What was it, and how was it used? Did you like it?
Ever jerk off with a condom on when no one else was around? Like just to see what it felt like?


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