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Hey there

Has anyone else been getting nonsensical politically based messages from "riley123" lately? as I've had several from this guy, and it's starting to get real old.

hey all i'm back
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hey i have not been on here for a while because i have been doing so much over time at work but anyway

i have a boyfriend who majorly obsessed about me, always wants to have sex with me and do anything to make sure we spend our whole lifes together but i don't feel the same way because we have only been going out for about a month and my question is does he seem like a stalker or something like that?

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so i notice that the thickness and width of the penis are not nearly mentioned as much as length. no fair! so does your manhood vary in width and thickness or stay the same clear down to the base? mine tapers to a narrower base and appears much thicker out near the rim of my head. my partner, bless him for letting me describe his privates, is the same thickness all the way to the base. i would imagine there might be some differences in anal ring stimulation from the various dimensions of the penis, and not just length.

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I am tempted to join "BoyCrush" but I must be absolutely certain that it is private. I don't want anything showing up in my postal mailbox. Can anyone give me some experiences they have had with pay sites? Thanks

Why Aren't Alot Of My Video's Appearing?
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So I've Posted Several Video's Over The Last 3 Days Only 4 of Them Have Appeared Can Any One Give Me Some Insight As Too Why?

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well no one discussed my post yesterday, so i will try again today. do you agree morning blowjobs are the best? we just woke up and orally pleasured each other and enjoyed strong orgasms. now it is off to my weekly run. do any of you guys jog or run for fun? to stay in shape? running right after sex is energizing. try jacking off right before you go! my tip for the dayQ

Getting first physical....
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I have to go to get my first physical and they are supposed to touch my balls lol.... Im worrieed that I'll get hard in front of everyone, since just being naked makes me erect... What should I do ? Has this happend to you ?

guys voice can be a huge turn on..
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part of what make a guy sexy is his voice..i'm gotten a boner listening to a cute guy with "that" example of such a guy is ,,jimmy smith,,of the ravens football team..this is a u-tube vid of him in his last year of college before comming to the ravens..i feel he is a sexy mofo guy watch and tell me something......

Have you ever accidentally ejaculated...especially in front of someone or in public?

More Than Friends
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So basically I really want to try some stuff with my best friend. He's blonde, skinny, very great looking with green eyes and about 5"8 height. But I don't know if it's a good idea going down that road.

We were very close to masturbating and making out when we were about 16 or so, we'd just mess around dry humping each other and simulate masturbating each other by doing the motion with our jeans or shorts on an lightly tapping. but we haven't seen each other for a very long time (20 and 18) so now and we're definitely not as close as before but slowly getting that way, but he is very straight, and what I mean by very straight is that he passes the terms gay and faggot around a bit.

I don't want to spoil our friendship by making stupid advances, but how could I subtly go in the direction of getting him horny to that point?

Dennis Birthday
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On May 30th is the birthday of Dennis (Phallussy). A Caring, sweet and a great friend. Although lately he is off the site, if you are a friend, stop by and wish him Happy Birthday. Dennis we love you and we hope you will return soon.

what is the kinkiest thing u have ever done
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i have had a threesome where a guy dribbled chocolate sause on me then liked it off, light spanking what is the kinkiest you have done

I'm back!
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My father passed on the 20th of last month. I’ve been offline nursing him and in grieving for my family’s loss. Plus as his heir I’ve had other responsibilities. I appreciate all the support I’ve received from my friends here and offline.
That said, I’m back ;)

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Has anyone ever spewed after jerking off? I'm just bored and curious. Hahaha.

My Giggle For Today
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If you know me, you will remember that one.... ...

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My two straight friends stopped me at work a few days ago with an important question. As one of them started off the question mentioning gay sex, my initial response was "A lot of lube."
However, the question didn't have anything to do with the pleasantries of anal sex; it merely dealt with the dilemma of two tops hooking up. My answer to them about two pitchers was that if one of them didn't take one for the team, it probably wouldn't work out. I would hope that in the case of two tops, they would both be willing to go out of their comfort zones and experience bottoming, if they haven't done so already. Unless their relationship is completely free of sex, they may be dependent on someone bottoming. Heck, maybe they can even take turns!
Anyway, I was completely sidetracked there by the fun conversation. I got to wondering, "Hmmm... lube. I like lube. I wonder what lubes people use?" So, what lubes do you use? What are your favorites? I like the Fleshlube Ice made by Fleshjack.

P.S. Feel free to comment on the can two tops make a bottom dilemma, too.

just sayin
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man i do adore a cute guys cock. i'm so blessed to be a cocksucker and proud to say so. i think i'm damm good at it too. speak up if your a man and you love cock.

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morning wank
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my take on the new vids this morning. there are a lot of guys that like to video themselves masturbating. isn't there a website for that? i'd love to see some true passion and hawt sex between two twinks that love what they are doing. ok, maybe i should make a porn, :)

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Peeing is such an underrated activity.

end of world
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I thought it was the 21st. Sure wasn't the 12th...still

Kids react: Children react to same-sex proposals
Views: 235 · Added: 140 days ago

Well worth the watch, attitudes are changing even if it is the younger generation.

Views: 884 · Added: 755 days ago

When someone says that they're hung I know that means they have a big cock...but what actually classifies that? How long does it have to be to be considered hung?

Well, that didn't last long!
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Haha, it never does when I date girls.



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How many of you manscape? Either shave or trim. How many are all natural. What percentage of the whole male population do you think manscapes? I read somewhere that like an estimated 98% of gay men manscape.

Best Feeling Going to Bed
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Well guys, I just wanted to put this in a post. I feel incredibly good, much better than I've felt in a very long time. Nothing's really changed, just feel much more relaxed, and calm, and happy. I'm going to bed with my teddy, Isaac. The both of us say goodnight. :) xx

R U Top, Bottom or Versital
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Top, Bottom or Versital.........

Generly I am Versital but sometimes I get more into being a Top & sometimes a Bottom, it depends on the Guy & situation.

If a Guy is Hot, Slim, Smooth, Tall, Uninhibited & have a Big Cock, I like to have him Fuck me nice & Hard. I get way into a guy being verbal while he Fucks me & I am quick to get Verbal as well. If a Guy leans over & nibbles on my nipples while he Fucks me, I want More, Harder & Deeper.

I should also say when I Top I like to Fuck the same way I like to get Fucked.

I can also get into a Hot 3-Way if the mix of Guys is right. I seem to like being in the middle while Fucking a Guy & Being Fucked at the same time. I have been with 4 Hot Friends of mine where each Guy Fucks the other then Cums all over a Guy.

So are you a Top, Bottom or Versital? What Do You Like & Get Into?

Alan Willy Update
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I wanted to share an update about Alan’s progress. This is with his permission and input. On Friday of last week, Alan saw the Doctor and reports that they are pleased with the healing of the break. Plans continue that the cast my come off in April. But everyone is pleased with the progress.

Alan has moved permanently into Stephen’s home. And they are very happy. Alan is sorry he hasn’t been around much lately. Between the holidays and studying he has been a little busy. So what is he studying? Well, Alan is scheduled to take his test for his GED later this month. He has been practicing and based on what he and Stephen have told me he will ace it. What comes after? Alan is planning on enrolling in the local junior college to prepare for a new opportunity in his life. Such a go getter he is. Makes me smile every time I think about it.

Alan spent both Christmas day and New Year’s day with Stephen’s family. And he is now a part of their lives. They care about him as much if not more than many of us do. For those who haven’t been to his page, Alan’s big Christmas present is a gorgeous girl named Holly. You can see her picture here: Alan reports that she is growing up fast and seems to take after her Dad (Alan). Always rambunctious and getting into trouble. Not sure how I am feeling about Alan reminding me that I now have a granddaughter.

Alan and Stephen rung in the New Year with friends from Home Depot that the worked with. Alan reports that they watched the ball drop in NYC and played card until the wee hours.

Finally, for those that have been concerned about how Home Depot and their insurance company would treat Alan, as of today they have done their duty appropriately. At the same time, Alan does now how legal representation to make sure that nothing will go wrong in any settlement activity. And, I do know that he is represented well and will be taken care of.

Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts for him either here or on his wall.

Thomas (or as Alan would say Dad)

coming out on facebook
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recently i came out to every one that i know and have as freinds, family members on facebook, not knowing what any ones reaction would be, i posted...

i dont care any more who knows, love me, hate me, un-freind me, i dont care, but...IM GAY...thats right i like guys, if you feel uncomfortable around me thats your problem not mine...

id like to say, i had more support than i realized, a freind that ive always known since grade school shared this comment...

I think most of us who know you knew long ago! Those who judge you for it had better take a look in the mirror and figure out there own issues. Never be ashamed of who you are and if people have a problem with it thats there own problem, not yours!

even one of my teachers from middle school shared this...Honey, you were still one of my favorite students. Your sexual orientation is not an issue:...

the same guy ive known since grade school later shared this comment....You see scott! I highly doubt you just decided one day that you would change for kicks and giggles. You have probably been scared of being judged, ridiculed for years. To come out on FB and say the truth takes alot of guts and by no way was the easy way out. I hope a weight has been lifted off of you and now you can live your life without feeling scared or ashamed. Know that there are people who dont care if you are gay. You stay true to yourself and know that others will support you. Im sorry that you felt you had to hide your feelings, Im sorry if i or anyone else has ever offended you by joking around with you. Just know that was not my intentions. Im happy that you took the stand and said in different words that you are who you are. Except me or ridicule me but i will not change for your benefit. It takes guts but i hope now that you can move forward with your life and be happy. Never give up brother!

i later shared this i reget doing this, for one, NO!!!, am i a bigger person yes i am, i stand proud to be apart of LGBT community, i came out to two ppl, one didnt go so well, the other i told is my best freind Darin, his reaction to me telling him i was gay changed my prospective, did i need to come out on FB probably not, most of u porabably already knew, i mean the freinds that really know me, like Ricky (my freind from grade school) said "I think most of us who know you knew long ago" now that every one knows im gay, dont look down your noses at me....for im scott first, and gay second, and this dosent change things freinds will always be freinds no matter what their sexual orientation is, i hope, lol, now if this sounds to gay, im sorry, but i love you all and all the support you gave and shown

i also shared this in the somments....thanks guys for the support if i knew it woulda went this smoothly i woulda done it years ago

even a couple of my ex-girlfreinds commented i was surpriced, lol, mind you i only had like three in high school, nothing sexual :P was just tring to fit in, one is come to find out bi and married to a great guy :)

oh and b4 i forget, both my aunts commented as well they still except me :) :)

any ways guys i just thought id share this with all of you, and dose get better, you just have to stand up and and be your self and be pround of who you are, i never knew that i would ever come completly out, knowing that i have the full support from some of my life long freinds and after 23 likes on facebook and about 18 commens....IM FREE!!!!!

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I recieved this from Cutkiwis friend today and i see hes left now.I still think he was Geniune and as i thought, he says he lives in Wellington.
> " he worked down the street from me and we hung together a couple of times.i dont understand some people even from other sites we used to be on dont have any info and are really rude.i just want to find a friend if you hear from him please tell him to get in touch with josh..his e mail and phone are not in service."
Sorry Josh that you were told to get lost.!

Is Vova 18 ?
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quitting work.
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Today i quit work. Basicly out of lack of respct.people thought hey were better than me and could tell me how to do my job.part of it was that i was expected to work extra hours wihout extra pay. And work ungodly hoursas to which i would be able to see my family much.
I didnt want to be a slave to anyone.just standing thre my bosses telling me what to do. They told me ifi left my comtract would be over.they obviously thouht i was afraid and should of actedobedient.
My point is you cant own somebody. Making them a slave to their work. I left.
The longest shift ive ever had. 5 mins!.
But fuck thm. People dont appreciate the hard working man anymore.
But what now.................i want to go traveling. Anyone eslse understand what im talking about?

How is everyone?
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How is everyone doing?


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