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So , in the film about your life, who would play you and why?

vid not playing
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dear gbt there is a major malfunction going on at your wonderful website in relation to playing videos etc.Please tell me its only temporary.Icant live without gbt.Please come back boys.

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I just go a tattoo on my back hurts like hell.
Well i wanted to know how do you feel about guys with tattoos? Attractive or not?

Happy 4 th of July
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american flag

How Do You Hook-Up Locally?
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I'm currently in the closet about me being bisexual, and I've never even done anything with a guy before. There's no question I'm attracted to guys though. The only problem is I don't know how to find local guys to hook-up with. I tried craigslist, but I only got old pple and pple I'm not finding attractive in any sense of the word.

How do you guys hook-up locally?

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what do you use for good lub
relate your experiences ;-)

Some feedback
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I recently received some feedback that I am perhaps to prolific of a video poster. I remember seeing some comments in another post about the issue. Was just wondering if my attempt to be a good member of the community by posting was actually not being a good member of the community. Always open to hearing from others.

My favorite boys around the world
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this is a selection of young guys I 've wan't to have in my bed.....

Public Sex?!
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What is your opinion?

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Monday,September 10th, marks the 10th anniversary of the World Suicide Prevention Day: Ten years of research, ten years of prevention, ten years of education and information. is a day for everyone just to stop and remember those that have been affected by suicide, if you can please light a candle at 8pm or just spare a few minutes of your time tomorrow in remembrance to the victims, the survivors and all family's and friends that have been affected as a result ....... If you want more information regarding WSPD .. please go to ..or visit my page and use the direct link ...This subject is close to my heart as some of you know.... Thanks guys for taking the time to read this... Toby xxx

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any plans for this year guys, or you just having a wonderful time at home.
Do you like sun or walking or hiking or laying at the pool soaking up the suns rays or eyeing up the eye candy or going to europe or getting rid of pesky wabbits, lol

I am doing well
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Guys just a quick note to let you all know that I have my cast on and even though I though I was going to pass out when the Doctor pulled on my foot I am doing well now. My friend Stephen is staying with me and taking good care of me. His brother in law is a lawyer at a big firm here in Chicago and said he would represent me for free if Home Depot tried anything bad. So far they have had all medical bills sent to them directly and have told me my pay will not be interrupted for at least 26 weeks. Everything is going fine.

I HAVE RECIEVED MANY PMS FROM FRIENDS ON HERE OFFERING TO SEND ME $$. I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart but I cannot accept. I love you all and I am touched. I have never had people who have cared for about me in my life and it makes me feel so special. What I would like you to do with the money you want to send to me is to take it and donate to the homeless shelter in your community. I WAS HOMELESS. I know what it was like living on the street and not having enough to eat or trying to keep warm. I now have a special friend looking out for me. I have my loving friends on her as well as Cecilia my case worker and my Dad Thomas (tolead) so please make a donation to those who have not made it back on their feel like I have.

I love you all


Would you vote for an
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Would you vote for an "admitted heterosexual"...see how residents of Austin Texas responded to that question:

I like looking at boners
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I admit it.

So much porn blogs on Tumblr
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Did u guys know?

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I don't know why i feels very lonely even though i have my family but m very lonely .i want a person who wants 2 hug me , kiss me n cares about me n in short i'm longing 4 a lovely hug n i'm so unlucky that i don't get such kind of loves.i have few frends here but they r not like me ;-( .lastly, thank u GBT friends 4 ur wonderful friendship,n that's all i can say.Adios amigos:-)

I´m Just Conufused
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In the far future when i finally go out of my mind i will start a blog about if i should tell my parent that i´m gay (and suffer the consecuences (prolly death)but for now...

okay..i´m gay but no one knows that(NO ONE!!) but this year i happen to have a crush
on a younger boy in my class( not the normal like....but Really Like) and after doing some research i found out he was gay ane every body knew that(he told his class 3 years ago that he was gay).

*the thing is should i talk to him is private...and tell him my secret(and suffer the
consecuences (he´d proly tell the whole school and i would have another problem to deal with apart form racisim)

*or should i sit behind him in class staring it the back of his hed for the rest of the school year(i think i know the exact number of hair on his head.

my story so far
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hey everyone,

I've decided to write out my life so far to help me put things in perspective, and to see if anyone else has a similar story to tell.

i was born in California and was living there until i was 10. so far i had had a fairly normal life, apart from my father who was(and still is) a pill popper. so for most of my child hood he was just laying in bed never really there, but i had a loving and caring mother, as well as my younger sister and many cousins.

i was raised in a christian family and was very sheltered, at the age of 10 my family and i moved out to Wisconsin to be closer to my dads side of the family. when i turned 13 i looked at porn for the first time(like i said very sheltered), it's kind of funny looking back, i was so naive that when i went online i went to ask Jeeves and thought i had to actually ask him a question so i put in 'what is sex'. at the time i hadn't even been given the birds and the bees talk, the only things i herd about sex before that was that that's where baby's come from(from sex-ed in school), and that having sex before marriage, and being gay where sins against god(from my parents), so when i typed in 'what is sex' of course it led straight to porn sites. so intrigued i started looking at the pics and clicking on links until the screen popped up with two men together. i realized almost instantly that this was causing a reaction in me that i didn't feel in the other sites.

after a few minutes of looking at the men it dawned on me that this was what my parents meant by gay. immediately i felt ashamed of what i was looking at and how it made me feel so i exited the window(and deleted the internet memory). the next day at school no matter how hard i tried i couldn't stop noticing all the boys around me. i noticed that i was especially fond of the boys that where thin like i after a few months of not being able to stop feeling attracted to the other boys i decided the best thing i could do is make myself unattractive to them. i even started to lie to myself saying that i was going through a phase in life and that god would help me through it.

so by the age of 15 i had stopped doing any of the physical activity's i loved to do outside, and spiraled into a depression that i'm only now starting to overcome, i put on a lot of weight, and stopped caring for my physical appearance all together.

at the age of 18 i was 5ft 10in and was 280 pounds. by 19 6ft even 303 pounds. i had been to multiple therapist both from schools when i was younger and from my parents when i started homeschooling(i had asked to be home schooled because of social anxiety), but i was always afraid of telling them why i was depressed fearing that the therapist would tell my parents, so seeing no progress my parents stopped making me go.

about two months ago i moved from eau claire to green bay(about 3hrs away). i now live with a family that has been like a second family to me, they are much more open minded and have no religious standings. the person i consider a second mom is a type of person to always ask questions about peoples beliefs, and when she asked about my religions views on homosexuality i found myself stumbling over my own words. after a few conversations with her i slowly began to realize that maybe i don't need to suppress who i am. one week ago i started to let myself accept who i am, and four days ago i joined this site finding a ton of helpful loving people. since last week i have started to slowly lift myself up from the depressed state i was in for over 5 years and have already began to loose weight and feel good about myself(oddly enough without any thought or effort on my part to do so). i am currently in the process of writing a letter to my second mom to both tell her about me and to let her know just how much she has help me. it's a work in progress and i'm not sure when I'll be giving her the letter but I'll post again on here when i do and tell everyone how it went...but in the mean time i would like to thank everyone on here for making this such a great place to chat(even tho it is a porn site and not what i was expecting to find on here lol)

vids playback
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hi just wondering if you having problems with watching your vids.not running in play gbt more power to you.vp.

your best and least appreciated
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put on your thinking caps...of all the vids you have uploaded, which is your favorite. why? which do you feel is the least appreciated? your favoite vid on this site. you can do it.....

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I used to have this orange and white cat named pumpkin. My little sisters used to carry the thing around and try to get it to sit on their laps and he would just get up and walk away. I didn't really care as much for the thing as they did, but pumpkin had this quirky thing where if I were lying in bed he'd jump up there, get under the blankets and curl up along side me and fall asleep. It used to drive my sisters nuts cuz he wouldn't do it with them.

My sisters are a little older now and whenever the topic comes up they also point out how pumpkin would stand inside the litter box and aim his ass over the side of the box to shit all over the floor, so he must have had brain damage as a child. To this day they're still jealous!

Anyone got any quirky animals?

Spring Update Season is Here!!
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I am happy to announce the begining of another batch of updates starting next this week. We could have a few issues with the newest upgrades features and options but will really appreciate all of your help spotting any problems

Does this video load for everyone
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Does this video load for everyone?

It would really help me out, and your basic location is also helpful to help check the global networking

What age...
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When/where/what/who was your first sexual expirience??? :)

Time zones
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I have a favour to ask all friends...

Views: 597 · Added: 850 days ago

What do you guys do when you are absolutely bored out of your mind?

Tank top guys
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Saw a guy in my gym yesterday wearing a really sexy tank top. Very thin straps, showing mots of his pecs, cut at the back - so sexy. He had a good body as well. I like wearing TT's but dont have anything like this - yet.

What clothes turn you guys on?

Take a Moment from the Porn :(
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After the shock and the horror comes the speculation: Why did an obviously disturbed young man enter an elementary school in Connecticut and gun down scores of people, many of them children?

We will root through his background for clues: Who raised him? Was he in the military? Did he play video games? Was he in a cult? Did mental illness take him to this dark place, and did we miss the warning signs along the way? We will piece together an approximation of a workable narrative that somehow inevitably ends with this man going into a school and doing what he did -- because the ending is the one part we can get fully right.

But there is really only one fact that makes such violence comprehensible: This man woke up in a country in which virtually anyone can purchase weapons -- with little more effort than is required to put gasoline in the tank of their car -- that give them the power to murder people.

That is the one fact that demands to be changed.

The impetus to make sense of unspeakable tragedy is a basic part of humanity. Something both terrible and extraordinary has happened, something we are eager to avoid envisioning as the fate for our own children, so our minds search for the particulars that might render this situation unique. We try to distinguish this young man from any other young man who might enter our own local elementary school.

But the underlying tragedy of this latest American catastrophe is how familiar this sort of spectacle has become. The television coverage and the reactions of prominent people all seem to unfold along the lines of a preconceived script: shock and heartbreak, then biographical inquiry, before we stick the story on the guy who pulled the trigger and move on.

We know what to do, what to say, what to ask, because we have been here before far too many times, absorbing the images of horrifying violence and imagining what it would be like to hear the news if those children were your own.

This is insane. It is madness that we continue to allow such bloodshed to unfold, occasioning predictable dismay while the gun lobby keeps buying off our politicians and ensuring that the rules never change.

As I type this, we do not know what prompted this man to kill those people in that school, but we know that the next disturbed person with similarly murderous inclinations will be able to get their hands on the means to follow through.

In every country, some people lose their jobs and become enraged. Some suffer mental illness and seize on fantastical notions. They are spurned and hatch crackpot schemes and seek revenge. In every country, some people are disturbed, broken-hearted or angry enough to murder. What is special about this country is the extent of the damage that such people are able to inflict when the urge comes.

As we inevitably speculate and sift through biographical facts in this process of seeking reassurance, there is one fact above all others that needs to be altered: We have to make it harder for people to get their hands on guns.

Peter S. Goodman-Huffington Post

Favorite style underwear?
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What is your favorite style underwear to wear? What about what style do you like to see guys in? Post links to them if u want

Idk Anymore
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I have been here nearly two weeks....I have set up a great profile and gotten only a few real friends....everyone else I talk to talks to me once and then goes away or never answers it me? Am I not meant for this site? Maybe....idk but I just don't feel really welcomed. :'-C I feel is already bad enough I am a virgin and hardly have true friends in my life. Sigh...idk anymore. I just have to say that this site is the only one that I can show my real feelings but idk anymore.

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I know this is off topic for a gay site but I spent time in Irac and I found most of the Civilans to be honest and loving people in need of our help. These nut jobs arre a small minority who just want an excuse to fight. They are always angry about something and this film is just their latest excuse. When I was over there The people thanked us for our help. I can remember children dirty and poor in the streets not having enough to eat, my team and I got 24 cases of MREs and went to the town square and handed them out to families. You would think we were giving out gold. Our company commander said he would give more if we could have spared them, he had two daughters at home and to see kids starving in this day and age was unforgivable. While I am not a muslim, I learned much about it. Islam teaches peace and forgiveness not this violence and bullshit. Please dont judge all muslims by the fanatics.

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They say that boys with acnes on the faces masturbate to much. Is it true? I like boys with acnes. Anyone else?

Coming out. Pros and Cons advice
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I'm 18 and thinking about the idea of coming out. I have been bouncing this around in my head for a while now, Thinking of Pros and Cons to this.

I live in the south of the US in what you could call a "traditional" area and any form of homosexuality is not taken very easily.

I'm hoping that maybe anyone here can help throw out some Pros and Cons to consider and maybe some of your coming out stories, whether they be a good experience or not.

Thank you for your help guys and it is greatly appreciated.


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